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JW Dashboard

New Features

New Custom Reports Page

We’ve redesigned the Custom Reports experience with a brand new list page & the ability to save reports.

  • The new list page lets you search through all the reports in your property.
  • Create a new report & save it for future access.
  • Copy existing reports for easier report generation.

Player settings for Float on Scroll and Auto-pause

Increase viewer engagement and monetization opportunities with these new player features.

  • Automatically pause the player when it is not in view. When a viewer scrolls away from the player, the player pauses, and resumes automatically when scrolled back into view.
  • When a viewer scrolls away from the player, it minimizes to the bottom right corner of the screen to ensure viewability.
  • To enable these features, go to the Setup tab of the player builder.

Updated Features

PWA Settings in Showcase

Showcase users can now set custom app name and icons, so their viewers can save their showcase to their device’s homescreen.

  • Configure these options in the Advanced tab for cloud-hosted Showcase apps