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JW Dashboard: Primary Responsibility User Data

Updated Features

The setup wizard will be re-served to all customers and will gain a new field.

The setup wizard asks newly-signed-up customers for their name, company, and job title, and will now also ask customers to select from a drop-down of various job types like “Software Developer”, “Product Manager”, “Content Manager”, or “Ad Ops”.
The setup wizard will continue to display for all first-time-logins, but will also display once, for all users, upon their next login after this release. Gathering this data will allow JW Player to unlock future improvements and provide the best possible experience for dashboard users.

Reset a Showcase

There is now an option in the Advanced section of a showcase to be able to reset all settings. Selecting this option will revert the title, custom URL, playlists and styling back to the default settings, effectively unpublishing existing showcase.