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JW Dashboard: Publish to Social & Audience Interests

New Features

Publish to Social: YouTube

Reach audiences no matter where they are consuming your video. Work more efficiently by seamlessly publishing content to YouTube now or on your own publishing schedule. In addition to Title & Description, users will be able to assign videos to a playlist, add tags and choose to notify their subscribers. Once videos are published, users can edit metadata on YouTube all from the JW Platform.
Available to customers on plans Premium and higher.

Video Classification & Audience Interest Labs

Generate the IAB category for the videos of Platform customers. For each video, the IAB category is accessible through the Dashboard and customers can change the category if the video is incorrectly classified. Through Audience Interest Labs, customers can also look into what type of content (based on the IAB categories) their viewers are watching on other platforms to inform their content strategy.
Available to Platform customers.