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JW Dashboard: Actionable Analytics & Player Configuration Updates

New Features

Actionable Analytics

This release updates the Labs environment and promotes our first productized experiment Content Score.
Content score enables publishers to compare and optimize their library of videos to ensure they are getting the most value from their content. By highlighting videos that are under-performing, we can offer suggestions to improve viewer enticement and engagement.

Please refer to the support doc for more detailed information on Content Score and JW Labs:

Updated Features

New Recommendations Interface

Added a new recommendations display mode, Shelf Widget, which loads recommendations directly beneath your player. Turn it on with just one click for viewers to enjoy a modern recommendations carousel directly on the page.

Moved sharing configuration

The sharing settings have been relocated to the Setup tab to simplify the number of tabs in the player builder. Additionally, the Discover tab is renamed to Recommendations, and Monetize is now Advertising.