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JW Dashboard: Social Publishing, Ad Preloading, Billing Improvements

New Features

Facebook Publishing (Beta)

Reach larger audiences with simple Facebook Publishing from the JW Player dashboard.

  • Customers with Business plans and above can now see options for Facebook publishing throughout the dashboard.
  • Connect a Facebook account to JW Player, then go to the Publish > Social section or to a particular video to share it to Facebook with just a few clicks.
  • “Share” options now include Facebook, or our password-protected Video Share page released earlier this year.

Preload Ads Setting for Buffer-Free Playback

Released in the 8.4 JW Player version, we now offer a setting in the dashboard to turn on Ad Preloading, an optional setting which preloads ad breaks before they play.

  • For any cloud-hosted JW8 player, turn on this setting in the Monetize section of the Player Builder.

Credit Card Billing Optimizations

Customers paying with credit card can now click on an invoice number on the billing page to change their payment method, or immediately pay a past due invoice.

  • With this new feature you can now pay a past due invoice with a payment method other than the one listed on you account, or switch from PayPal to Credit Card for a particular payment.
  • Keep in mind only Admin users of any account can access the Billing page.