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JW Player Dashboard: Default Custom Parameters

New Features

Default Custom Parameters

The ability to set default custom parameters for media which is uploaded via the dashboard

  • Users can now create a property-level schema for the default keys or keys and values to be applied to all newly uploaded media via dashboard.
  • Custom parameters can be used to store additional metadata about a video, such as Director Name, Year Produced, etc. or can be required fields for syndication purposes.
  • For more information, head over to


  • Fixed an issue preventing customers from saving Ad Schedules.
  • Fixed confusing Property deletion UX on the Property Detail page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from publishing to YouTube.


JW Player Dashboard

Updated Features

Saved Columns in Videos page

The JW Player dashboard will now remember the columns you selected to hide & show on the Videos page.

Dashboard Lockdown for Free Users

Customers using the “Free” Player Edition will no longer be able to customize Players. Please utilize the 1-month trial offered by our Developer Player Edition product. Sign up here:


  • Fixed an issue preventing users from saving Ad Schedules with default settings
  • Fixed an issue causing the homepage’s usage section to error in loading data


JW Player Dashboard

Updated Features

Add to Playlist Bulk Action

Users can now add multiple videos at once to a playlist directly from the video list page.

Simulcast to Facebook Live with RTMPS Support

Users can now simulcast to Facebook Live from Live Events with RTMPS support.


  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to save Ad Schedules.
  • Fixed an issue causing graphs within Custom Reports to populate incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue causing visual errors in video names on the Videos Page.


JW Player Dashboard: Updated Homepage, New Videos Page

Updated Features

JW Player Dashboard Welcome Page Redesign

Enjoy an improved Welcome page experience, with a quick-view into your most recently uploaded videos and a sleek new design.

lnclude SEO on by default

When embedding a video, the ‘Include SEO’ checkbox will now be enabled as a default, meaning embed codes from the JW Player Dashboard will include SEO unless users choose not to.

New Videos Page

Officially launching our new Videos page out of beta to all Dashboard users. It includes a new UI with powerful and faster search features.


Fixed an issue where in-dashboard Players would time-out after 2 hours or after the user’s machine went to sleep.


JW Player Dashboard

Updated Features

Drag & Drop Implemented on New Videos Page

Users can now drag and drop files and URLs directly onto the new Videos page to upload.


  • Fixed an issue where users logged into the dashboard for longer than 2 hours experienced broken Players inside the dashboard.
  • Fixed a Media API bug preventing users from saving custom metadata parameters over a certain character limit.
  • Fixed a bug causing users to be logged out of the dashboard every hour or so.
  • Fixed an issue causing slowdowns on the usage page for users with a large number of properties.
  • Fixed an issue where user sessions beginning before a Player release did not receive updated Player versions until logout.


JW Dashboard: Media-Level Geoblocking

New Features

Media-Level Geoblocking

We are giving you more control over how you restrict content globally by offering the ability to set up and apply geoblocking rules to individual media

  • Geoblocking rules can contain either a whitelist or blacklist of countries
  • Rules can be applied to multiple videos at a time
  • You can customize the new video list page to show which rule is applied to each media
  • A global geoblocking setting in the ‘Properties’ page applies to all media without a rule

For more information, please visit our support doc on Geoblocking.


JW Dashboard: Updated Navigation and Videos Page

Updated Features

Streamlined Dashboard Navigation

We’ve streamlined your JW Player dashboard to make it sleeker and faster. You can learn more about those changes here: Sleeker & Simpler: Introducing a New Look for the JW Player Dashboard

Updated Videos Page (Beta)

JW Player’s New Videos Page is currently in Open Beta, with a refreshed design and the ability to customize your content. You can also expect faster search, filter, and sorting capabilities thanks to the brand new API powering this page. As a beta, there may be some features missing that will be added in future updates.


JW Dashboard: Article Matching and Playlist Page

New Features

Article Matching

We have released the ability to create an Article Matching playlist - automating the embedding of contextually relevant videos into 1000s of articles with minimal to no work

  • Customers will be able to create Article Matching playlists through the dashboard.
  • On top of existing features such as tag inclusion/exclusion or pinning, customers will also be able specify the recency of the Article Matching results through the Dashboard (i.e. no videos older than [x] days).
  • Article Matching playlists support Single Line Embeds, and Google AMP when a Single Line Embed is used.

Updated Features

Combined Playlists page

We’ve combined Curated Playlists and Recommendations into one page in the dashboard called Playlists, making Playlist management easier and more intuitive.


JW Dashboard

New Features

Playlist Type added as a Dimension for Custom Reports

The JW Player Dashboard will now include Playlist Type as a dimension for customers to utilize within Custom Reports.

  • This was previously only available via the Reporting API.
  • The Playlist Type options are: similar (recommendations), search, trending, manual, curated, dynamic, article matching, or none.


JW Dashboard

New Features

New Custom Reports Page

We’ve redesigned the Custom Reports experience with a brand new list page & the ability to save reports.

  • The new list page lets you search through all the reports in your property.
  • Create a new report & save it for future access.
  • Copy existing reports for easier report generation.

Player settings for Float on Scroll and Auto-pause

Increase viewer engagement and monetization opportunities with these new player features.

  • Automatically pause the player when it is not in view. When a viewer scrolls away from the player, the player pauses, and resumes automatically when scrolled back into view.
  • When a viewer scrolls away from the player, it minimizes to the bottom right corner of the screen to ensure viewability.
  • To enable these features, go to the Setup tab of the player builder.

Updated Features

PWA Settings in Showcase

Showcase users can now set custom app name and icons, so their viewers can save their showcase to their device’s homescreen.

  • Configure these options in the Advanced tab for cloud-hosted Showcase apps


JW Dashboard

New Features

New Users page

We’ve redesigned our users page to simplify managing multiple users!

  • You can now search for users by name or email.
  • Results can be filtered by permissions as well as the property the user has access to.
  • All pending users (those who haven’t activated their account) are clearly displayed in their own list.


JW Dashboard and API

New Features

Browser added as Dimension for Custom Reports and API

The JW Player Dashboard and Analytics endpoint (within the Management API) will now include Browser as a dimension for customers to utilize within Custom Reports or the API.


JW Dashboard

Updated Features

Searchable Property Selector

Users with access to multiple properties can now search-and-select their property using the searchable drop-down found in the left rail navigation.


JW Dashboard: Segmentation Page Rename

Updated Features

Introducing Custom Reports

We’ve renamed instances of Segmentation to Custom Reports across the dashboard.


JW Dashboard: Primary Responsibility User Data

Updated Features

The setup wizard will be re-served to all customers and will gain a new field.

The setup wizard asks newly-signed-up customers for their name, company, and job title, and will now also ask customers to select from a drop-down of various job types like “Software Developer”, “Product Manager”, “Content Manager”, or “Ad Ops”.
The setup wizard will continue to display for all first-time-logins, but will also display once, for all users, upon their next login after this release. Gathering this data will allow JW Player to unlock future improvements and provide the best possible experience for dashboard users.

Reset a Showcase

There is now an option in the Advanced section of a showcase to be able to reset all settings. Selecting this option will revert the title, custom URL, playlists and styling back to the default settings, effectively unpublishing existing showcase.


JW Dashboard: Publish to Social & Audience Interests

New Features

Publish to Social: YouTube

Reach audiences no matter where they are consuming your video. Work more efficiently by seamlessly publishing content to YouTube now or on your own publishing schedule. In addition to Title & Description, users will be able to assign videos to a playlist, add tags and choose to notify their subscribers. Once videos are published, users can edit metadata on YouTube all from the JW Platform.
Available to customers on plans Premium and higher.

Video Classification & Audience Interest Labs

Generate the IAB category for the videos of Platform customers. For each video, the IAB category is accessible through the Dashboard and customers can change the category if the video is incorrectly classified. Through Audience Interest Labs, customers can also look into what type of content (based on the IAB categories) their viewers are watching on other platforms to inform their content strategy.
Available to Platform customers.


JW Dashboard: Renaming Livestream to Live Event

Updated Features

Livestream Changes

We’ve renamed instances of livestream to live event across the dashboard.

Share Page Analytics

We’re now tracking analytics from JW share pages.


JW Dashboard: Video Management Optimizations

Video Management Optimizations

Updated Features

We’ve added two new Livestream source locations:

  • Brazil
  • Singapore


Resolved an issue where a video asset’s source name does not always match the height of the file correctly, as displayed in the Assets tab on the video detail page.


JW Dashboard: Recommendations Page Update

Updated Features

Recommendations Page Update

Recommendations list and configuration pages have been redesigned.

List page now provides more context regarding the UI variations for recommendations, such as the shelf overlay or out-of-player widget.

Configuration pages have been simplified and streamlined to highlight only the most important settings available in the dashboard.


JW Dashboard: Actionable Analytics & Player Configuration Updates

New Features

Actionable Analytics

This release updates the Labs environment and promotes our first productized experiment Content Score.
Content score enables publishers to compare and optimize their library of videos to ensure they are getting the most value from their content. By highlighting videos that are under-performing, we can offer suggestions to improve viewer enticement and engagement.

Please refer to the support doc for more detailed information on Content Score and JW Labs:

Updated Features

New Recommendations Interface

Added a new recommendations display mode, Shelf Widget, which loads recommendations directly beneath your player. Turn it on with just one click for viewers to enjoy a modern recommendations carousel directly on the page.

Moved sharing configuration

The sharing settings have been relocated to the Setup tab to simplify the number of tabs in the player builder. Additionally, the Discover tab is renamed to Recommendations, and Monetize is now Advertising.


JW Dashboard: Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Now including the platform thumbnail for videos sent from the JW Player Dashboard to Facebook via Social Publishing
  • Updated the dropdown menu in the Recommendations Player Builder menu to allow users to view more than 50 Recommendation playlists


JW Dashboard: Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sort order (e.g. least viewed vs. recently published) was not being respected on save for Dynamic Playlists
  • Fixed the display value of Cloud-Hosted Player Release Channels, where for players not on Production or Beta channels it was showing the incorrect channel in the dashboard


JW Dashboard : JW Player SDK 3.0 for iOS & Android

New Features

JW Player SDK 3.0 for iOS & Android

We are excited to announce JW Player SDK 3.0 for iOS & Android. This release updates the SDK to JW8 and leverages its new UI & UX, optimization, and advertising enhancements to engage your audiences intelligently and monetize your content. In the coming months we will deploy more JW8 features into the JW Player SDKs for iOS & Android, so stay tuned!

Please refer to the important 3.x migration guides for iOS & Android, to update your current application from version 2.x to 3.x. These guides include important information about API changes, new features & callbacks, and will help your team with the transition process.

You may use Maven or CocoaPods to update to SDK 3.x, or you can download the SDK 3 packages and new 3.x license keys from the Publish -> Tools section of your JW Player Dashboard. Please note that version 3 of the SDKs are available to our Enterprise edition customers, and require new license keys because 2.x license keys will not work.

  • Support for new advertising rules, including timeBetweenAds, startOnSeek, frequency, and startOn. Please refer to our Ad Rules Reference for details on how to use them.


JW Dashboard: Social Publishing, Ad Preloading, Billing Improvements

New Features

Facebook Publishing (Beta)

Reach larger audiences with simple Facebook Publishing from the JW Player dashboard.

  • Customers with Business plans and above can now see options for Facebook publishing throughout the dashboard.
  • Connect a Facebook account to JW Player, then go to the Publish > Social section or to a particular video to share it to Facebook with just a few clicks.
  • “Share” options now include Facebook, or our password-protected Video Share page released earlier this year.

Preload Ads Setting for Buffer-Free Playback

Released in the 8.4 JW Player version, we now offer a setting in the dashboard to turn on Ad Preloading, an optional setting which preloads ad breaks before they play.

  • For any cloud-hosted JW8 player, turn on this setting in the Monetize section of the Player Builder.

Credit Card Billing Optimizations

Customers paying with credit card can now click on an invoice number on the billing page to change their payment method, or immediately pay a past due invoice.

  • With this new feature you can now pay a past due invoice with a payment method other than the one listed on you account, or switch from PayPal to Credit Card for a particular payment.
  • Keep in mind only Admin users of any account can access the Billing page.


JW Dashboard : Password-Protected Video Sharing

New Features

Password-Protected Video Sharing

Publishers, marketers, independent content creators, and all JW Player customers can now easily share and preview videos directly from the dashboard with zero coding.

  • Just click the new “Share” button from any video in your JW Player video library, and a link to your video can be publicly shared for everyone to view.
  • Protect your video with a password for private sharing.

Save time, money, and engineering resources with code-free, secure video sharing in your JW Player dashboard.


Out-Player Recommendations, Filter Playlists by Date

New Features

Out-Player Recommendations Page Widget

Publishers and developers can easily create beautiful content discovery experiences outside of the JW Player to help increase viewer interaction and grow audience. Quickly styled, cleanly designed & coded, and built with best practices from the ground up our example widgets are ready to implement:

JW Platform API Delivery Features

Publishers and developers now have more control over playlist content and delivery:

  • See only recent videos in your playlist: per video publish date rules can be set for any playlist via a url parameter on v2 delivery endpoints.
  • Manual, Dynamic, or Trending playlists have increased page sizes of up to 500 items.

Note that URL rules override any v1 MAPI and publisher dashboard playlist configurations. See JW Platform Delivery API for details.


JW Dashboard 4.5: New Video Detail Design, Multi-Factor Authentication & more

New Features

Multi-Factor Authentication via email

Now each user can opt-in to multi-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security to their account. Enabling this option will send a security code to the email address associated with the user logging in. Admin users can also enforce multi-factor authentication to every account user by contacting support or their account rep.

Video Detail Redesign

We are rolling out a new design for the Video Detail page. This new version provides better organized metadata and assets sections for each video while also surfacing performance metrics for how individual videos performed over the last 90 days in a new Analytics section. We’re also introducing new immersive modes that allow users to optimize their videos:

  • Thumbnail Mode is a revamped UI to select a thumbnail from suggested frames in the video or upload your own.
  • Trim Mode allows publishers to select new start and end times for their video (while preserving the original media ID and analytics).
  • Engagement mode provides a viewer engagement overlay to better understand dropoff and segments of interest during a video.

Playlists and Tag Exclusion

Tag exclusion rules can be set for Dynamic, Trending, Similar Video, and Search playlists. Users can choose to exclude videos by tag with ANY or ALL of the chosen tags. Conflicting tag rules (the same tag for both inclusion and exclusion) will not be allowed. At the video level tag exclusion rules will take precedence over inclusion rules.

Updated Features

  • Users can now set an external VMAP ad schedule URL (for JW 8 Players) when creating or updating a player via the Monetize section of the Player Builder.
  • We are collecting some feedback for localization options our users need in the Player Builder Customization section.


  • Resolved an issue where caption track timestamps were not rounded correctly upon conversion to VTT, resulting in a cue start time occurring after a cue end time.


JW Dashboard: General Bug Fixes & Improvements

Updated Features

  • We made some improvements to the default CSS when Players are created or saved, making it easier for developers to override styles. We’ve also clarified the “reset to defaults” action on the Player Builder page.
  • We have included more detailed descriptions of our self-service editions for users who want to upgrade inside of the dashboard.
  • All new accounts and properties that are created will now automatically have access to the newer ad scheduling functionality powered by v2 of the Ads API.


  • Resolved visual issues with the collapsible navbar experienced by Firefox Quantum users
  • Resolved an issue of inaccurate usage information for Safari users


Tag Exclusion via API, URL Tag Rules

New Features

  • Publishers can exclude videos by tag from dynamic, trending, similar video, and search playlists using the v1 management API. See here for details. ALL or ANY rule sets are supported.
  • Include and exclude tag filtration rules for dynamic, trending, similar video, and search playlists can be passed via url parameter for v2 endpoints.
    • IMPORTANT: URL rules override existing API and portal playlist tag configurations. Tags are case sensitive and should be url encoded.

See JW Platform Delivery API documentation for details using v2 delivery services.


JW Dashboard + Management API: Advertising Updates

New Features

After several months of customer outreach, data investigations, and A/B testing, we’ve completed a large and incredibly important Advertising project. The changes below allow us to make ad delivery more performant and reliable, reduce dependencies on other services, clean up some legacy workflow issues, and improve our ability to deliver more impactful advertising features more frequently.

While most of the changes are behind the scenes, the below list affects either the Advertising sections of the dashboard (Player builder, Ad Schedule/Ad Tag list pages, Ad Schedule detail page) or the Advertising API.

  • Added the ability to set/update an external VMAP on the Ad Schedules page
  • Enabled the v2 version of the Advertising API

Updated Features

  • Updated the Ad Schedule detail view page user experience to take into account the deprecated Ad Tag list page
Ad Tag List Workflow

In order to provide all the improvements noted above, the Ad Tag list page has been deprecated.

Inactive Tag Workflow

Tags associated with schedules remain active and continue to serve ads, inactive tags (tags not associated with schedules) have been removed and should be managed externally.

v1 Management API: Advertising

We’ve also deprecated the v1 version of the Advertising API Endpoint: