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JW Player

VAST 4.1 Macro Support

Latest Release: November 20, 2019

JW 8.11 features five new ad tracking pixel macros supported in VAST 4.1. These macros are designed to provide more information about the ad play to the ad server, ranging from GDPR consent to the page url. Web player support for Open Measurement via the verification node is still under development by the IAB and will be implemented once available.

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JW Platform

JW Player Dashboard: Default Custom Parameters

New Features

Default Custom Parameters

The ability to set default custom parameters for media which is uploaded via the dashboard

  • Users can now create a property-level schema for the default keys or keys and values to be applied to all newly uploaded media via dashboard.
  • Custom parameters can be used to store additional metadata about a video, such as Director Name, Year Produced, etc. or can be required fields for syndication purposes.
  • For more information, head over to


  • Fixed an issue preventing customers from saving Ad Schedules.
  • Fixed confusing Property deletion UX on the Property Detail page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from publishing to YouTube.
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Android SDK

ExoPlayer upgrade

Latest Release: November 15, 2019 (Build 81)


Release Date: November 15, 2019 (Build 81)


  • Upgraded ExoPlayer dependency to version 2.10.6
  • Exposed Freewheel adBreakStart, adBreakEnd, and adViewableImpression events


  • Fixed issue where calling pauseAd() when using Google IMA did not pause ads
  • Fixed issue where creating a new player during playback crashes the app
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