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Enhance Media Playback for iOS

The JW Player iOS SDK is built on top of native player frameworks. This allows you to take advantage of the speed and performance of the native OS, and extend it into a complete video experience with faster load times, a modern UI, and best-in-class monetization.

Enhance Media Playback for iOS
Key Features
AV Player
iOS Media Player
Variable Rate Playback
Multiple Caption Tracks
Native VAST 3.0
Google IMA
User-selectable Playback Quality

Supported Features

Video & Audio Formats
MP4 / H.264 (Baseline, Main, High profiles)
Streaming and Playback
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) - VOD and live streams
Live DVR
Progressive download MP4 videos (single- or multi-rate/resolution)
Playback of AES-encrypted HLS streams
Multiple Audio Tracks (HLS)
Audio-only playback (AAC)
ID3 Timed Metadata
Playback of video resolutions from mobile to HD
Local file playback
Background audio support
Apple FairPlay Streaming decryption
Player Features
Thumbnail preview
Fast forward and rewind buttons
Google Chromecast support
Apple AirPlay support
Monetization & Ads
VAST 3.0
Google IMA
Out-of-band Captions (Sidecar) WebVTT, SRT, TTML (DFXP)
Multiple caption tracks
In-Band 608 Captions
HLS in-manifest captions

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Best Practice Apps

Demos and code examples to help you get started with the JW Player iOS SDK.

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Developer Guide

Documentation on basic and advanced uses of the iOS SDK, including setup, customization, and integrations.

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API References

A library of all JW Player iOS SDK calls and responses.

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