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This year's JW Insights is focused on the independent publisher ecosystem. Register to get an inside look at upcoming JW Player innovations in mobile, OTT and recommendations, hear how companies across the industry are leveraging video technology, explore trends and new standards in video advertising, learn audience engagement best practices, and discover strategies for monetizing video content.


Our talks are given by a range of video professionals,
including publishers, technologists, and advertisers.

JW Player Speakers

  • Jeroen Wijering

    Co-Founder and Head of Product

  • Dave Otten

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Chris Mahl


  • Eric Boyd

    Director of Product

  • Monica Parra

    Design Director

  • Ryan Coughlin

    Product Manager, Publisher Analytics

  • Franklin Dement

    Senior Product Manager, Data Platform

  • Henry Lee

    Product Manager, Mobile Devices

  • Greg Twohig

    Product Manager, Media Services

Guest Speakers

  • Geoff Bartakovics

    Chief Executive Officer, Tasting Table

  • Justin Festa

    Vice President of Revenue, LittleThings

  • Jocelyn Johnson

    Founder and Editor, VideoInk

  • Mark Kortekaas

    Executive Vice President and CTO, Univision Digital and News Divisions

  • Erik Kuna

    Vice President of Operations, KelbyOne

  • James Lauzun

    Director of Emerging Platforms, XiveTV

  • Tim Napoleon

    Co-Founder and Chief Strategist, AllDigital

  • Chris Papaleo

    Director of Product, Technology and Strategic Partnerships, Hearst Corporation

  • Ari Paparo

    Chief Executive Officer, Beeswax

  • Joe Speiser

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LittleThings

  • Jon Steinberg

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cheddar

  • Arno Van Mosel

    Director Media Operations, WWE

  • Sergio Vargas

    Product Manager, Gen.video

  • Mark Zagorski

    Chief Executive Officer, eXelate, a Nielsen Company / EVP Nielsen Marketing Cloud

  • Mariano Zárate

    Digital Product Manager, LA NACION

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