JW Insights 2017

May 18, 2017, NYC | 12:00 - 5:30 PM

About the Conference

The focus of this year’s JW INSIGHTS is data-driven growth. Hear from industry leaders about trends and best practices for using data and automation to drive larger, more engaged audiences and more effective monetization. Network with your peers and meet JW product experts and developers at this lively annual event.



Lunch and Registration

Welcome and Keynote

Panel Discussion

Data-Driven Audience Growth

Hear industry leaders from the independent publisher ecosystem discuss trends and best practices for audience growth and engagement.



Optimizing for Mobile Audiences

See examples and results from publishers of fast-loading, mobile optimized sites that are easy to create and provide a great user experience.


Recommendations, Sponsored Content & Pinning

Learn how publishers are using data driven recommendations to keep viewers engaged and boost revenue.



Integrating Live Streaming Into Your Workflow

Hear from publishers integrating live streaming into their workflows with simple tools that limit the need for technical resources.


Diving into Video Advertising

We'll dive into the status of Flashpocalypse and header bidding, and hear how publishers are using JW Ads to optimize fill rates and video CPMs.

Break with refreshments


It's All About Speed

Learn how JW Player builds a more performant video player and get a sneak peek at our upcoming JW 8 release.


Analytics: Actionable Insights

Learn how publishers are using tools like real-time analytics, explorer and exports to optimize video placements and ad insertions.



Optimizing Your Site for (Video) Ad Monetization

Hear publishers and industry experts share best practices for optimizing advertising revenue with online video.

Closing Remarks

Cocktails and appetizers

Meet the JW Player product & engineering teams and network with your peers across the independent publisher ecosystem.

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