JW Player @ Advertising Week NY

How to Become a Video First Business

Video is proven to deliver a more engaging, impactful experience than any other format, and is driving much of the growth in both the desktop and mobile ad markets. However, times are changing. To brands and media companies alike, video continues to present a huge opportunity. Learn how LittleThings, Business Insider, and Index Exchange are transforming themselves into a video first business.


MODERATOR: Dave Otten, CEO, JW Player



Justin Festa, Little Things

Jourdain-Alexander Casale, Index Exchange

Jana Meron, Business Insider

Programmatic Video in a Converged World

Video convergence is happening, bringing premium video content to every screen and enabling automated, programmatic video advertising across linear, OTT, desktop, and mobile. In this session, we will explore how video convergence is changing the way marketers and video publishers collaborate to deliver compelling stories across every screen.


MODERATOR:  Herve Brunet, FreeWheel



Phil Cowlishaw, Adobe Cloud

Bill Day, JW Player

Jim Loughran, NCC Media

John Snyder, Grapeshot

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