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Freewheel Advertising

Using FreeWheel as your ad manager allows for leveraging the control FreeWheel's platform provides.


Using FreeWheel as your ad manager requires an existing relationship with FreeWheel and access to the FreeWheel dashboard for configuration. Note that no ad tag is supplied to the player; values that link up to the setup are configured within the FreeWheel platform.

  playlist: '',
  fwassetid: 'jw_test_asset_h',
  duration: 500,
  advertising: {
    client: 'freewheel',
    freewheel: {
      networkid: 90750,
      // The 'adManagerUrl' should be the URL you receive from Freewheel.
      adManagerUrl: "",
      serverid: "",
      profileid: "90750:jw_html5_test",
      sectionid: "jw_test_site_section"
    adscheduleid: '12345',
    schedule: {
      adbreak: {
        offset: 'pre',
        tag: 'placeholder_preroll'
    vpaidcontrols: true,
    skipoffset: 3