JW Player + SpotXchange

JW Player partners with SpotXchange to help publishers maximize yield of their video ad inventory.

The publisher ecosystem is full of challenges, from managing a large number of relationships including direct sales, DSPs, trading desks, ad networks and exchanges, latency issues due to waterfalls and “daisy chains”, as well as concerns over transparency, channel conflict and CPM degradation.

On top of all of this, video is inherently more complicated than most other digital advertising mediums.

With SpotXchange’s video advertising platform, publishers gain unprecedented control and insights into their inventory, while still leveraging and unifying all of their video demand sources in one place. Consider us a “one-stop shop” for all your video advertising needs:

  • Programmatic Infrastructure and Ad Serving
  • Transparency and Actionable Insights
  • Holistic Yield Management
  • Unmatched Customer Service

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