JW Player + InPlayer

JW Player partners with InPlayer to provide secure in-player payment and data processing for monetization of video content.

Please note this integration with InPlayer is only available for JW Player Enterprise accounts.

InPlayer is a unique ecosystem offering all the products and services for video right owners looking to monetize outside advertising, through our Paywall but also with the build of TV and Phone apps with Paywall integrated. Our core product, Paywall, will allow you to start monetizing your VOD or live stream content in no time with our plug and play integration with JW Player. The Data Capture app will allow you to collect user data (name, email, age etc) directly through the video, while the E-comm is something we developed for clients who want to sell products in-player.

Paywall Feature Set

  • Transactional VOD & Subscription VOD
  • Supports Mobile, ‘Desktop’ Web & Connected TV
  • Full Localization, Multi-Language and Multi-Currency
  • Customer Support
  • Visual Customization
  • White Label Available
  • Web based control panel
  • Tariff Options
  • Subscriptions & Packages
  • Monetize Live Streams & VOD
  • Payment Via C/Card, D/Card, PayPal
  • Saved Cards
  • Vouchers / Coupons / Free trials
  • Sales Tax
  • Geo-specific tariff config
  • Marketing Opt-In
  • Affiliate Sales
  • Transaction/video/account-level reporting
  • Full API and API Support Services

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