JW Player + Google IMA

Serve Google Interactive Media Ads through JW Player Ads Edition

If you use the JW Player, getting started with video ads is simple. Whether you are new to video advertising or already serving millions of ad impressions per month, our goal is to help you serve great looking ads within your JW Player.

JW Player Ads + Google IMA integration means you can serve DoubleClick In-Stream Ads in your JW Player in either Flash or HTML5. Google IMA empowers your team with DART targeting and reporting to better execute the most complex advertising campaigns. Linear pre-, mid- and post-roll videos (e.g. TrueView), non-linear text overlays (and other AdSense formats), and HTML companions served up by Google will look great inside your JW Player. Generate greater impact and brand awareness with our JW Player Ads + Google IMA integration today.

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