Technology Alliance Program

Video Delivery, Data, and Monetization solutions for your customers.

Why Partner with JW Player

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Global Data Footprint

Unique video insights from 2+ billion pings and 193 countries per day

global footprint

Technology that Delivers

The fastest playback, delivery at scale, and tightest ad integrations

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Full API control

Built for developers, with complete API control and clear documentation

How We Work Together

Technology Partners

Build integrations or plugins with JW Player solutions.

Data Partners

Enrich existing data sets through visualization and middle layer tools, matching/merging, and more.

Development Partners

Use JW Player to build video experiences for clients, such as mobile or OTT apps, websites.

Advertising & Media Partners

Offer advertising solutions, content licensing or syndication.

How We Work

Technology Alliance Partner Benefits

Promote your brand

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  • Collaborative marketing programs
  • Joint case studies, webinars and events

Technology & support

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  • Dev guide, API libraries, demo accounts
  • Training, certification and support access

Grow your business

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  • Referral fees, co-selling support
  • Opportunity registration program

Team up with the video experts at JW Player.