Ready to build an app? Here are 3 app makers you need to know about

Developing an app rarely proves to be a quick, easy endeavor. Fortunately, several companies recently have launched app builders to help developers create innovative offerings for a range of platforms. Here's a closer look at three new app builders that may influence developers worldwide, both now and in the future. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) TV app development may prove to be a time-consuming, expensive process for even the most experienced developer. But now, JW Player is offering a platform designed to remove the guesswork from the Apple TV app development process. The digital and mobile video platform and player company this month released its Apple TV App Builder, an open-source product that enables users to design and deploy apps without having to worry about coding.

JW Player’s Apple TV Builder App featured in the Platforms + Tech section of Cynopsis Media

JW Player, best known for its video player, announced the launch of its new Apple TV Builder App. The app, the company says, allows customers to develop customized apps for Apple TV with minimal configuration, no coding, and no extra cost. The cooking-oriented media company Tasting Table was the first brand to use the developer. “The thing that makes this special is that just a couple of years ago, it would not have been possible for a business of my size, our resources and capabilities, to even remotely consider this type of development,” said Geoff Bartakovics, Co-founder and CEO of Tasting Table, in a phone call with Cynopsis Digital.

JW Player launches for Apple TV app framework

The new Apple TV App Builder is designed to allow JW Player customers to develop a customised app for new, fourth generation Apple TV devices with no coding, minimal configuration and no additional cost. This is claimed to be the industry's first free app framework for Apple TV, and the newest addition to JW Player's suite of video products.

JW Player launches Apple TV App Builder

JW Player, the digital and mobile video platform and player, has unveiled its Apple TV App Builder, a new open-source product within the JW platform. The Apple TV App Builder enables JW Player customers to develop a customised app for new Apple TV devices (fourth generation) with no coding, minimal configuration, and no additional cost.

JW Player Offers Free Apple TV App Creator to All Customers

Not only is creating an Apple TV app simple with the JW Player Apple TV App Builder, the video player company promises, it's free, as well. The tool is available to all JW Platform customers, even those using the free version. No coding is required and there's only minimal configuration. In about 24 hours, content creators can develop their own app for fourth generation Apple TV boxes, then send it off to Apple for approval.

Tasting Table launches Apple TV app in 24 hours thanks to JW Player’s new tvOS framework

Thanks to JW Player’s new tvOS app framework, Tasting Table was able to successfully build and submit an Apple TV app for review in less than 24 hours. JW Player’s new beta open-source product allows content makers on its platform to utilize what they already have created to build a fully branded Apple TV app. Tasting Table is the first company to use JW Player’s new app framework to build out their own Apple TV app. Boasting a library of more than 250 food and drink related videos, and producing new videos every month, Tasting Table will be able to bring their viewing experience directly to their 8 million member’s couches.

Tasting Table is looking beyond Facebook to make money off video

Apple TV is a new distribution outlet for most publishers — but the interest is huge. “There has been a lot of pent-up demand, everybody wanted to get on the thing,” said John Luther, svp of product strategy at JW Player, which offers a technology for publishers to build apps for the connected TV platform. “We couldn’t do much because Apple didn’t allow us to. Now it does.” Tasting Table sees an opportunity in doing more long-form content for the platform, taking advantage of a more lean-back viewing experience the streaming set-top box affords.

Life After Flash: Will Producers Move to HLS, DASH, or Both?

Though HLS only plays natively in the Safari browser on the Mac, most off-the-shelf players, such as JW Player, enable playback either via Flash or JavaScript, so achieving pervasive playback on Windows and Mac browsers is not an issue ... Interestingly, just before this column became due, JW Player’s John Luther, who spoke at Streaming Media West, shared some statistics about Flash, HLS, and DASH usage among the more than 2 million websites and 17 billion videos played per month using the player. Specifically, he reported that of the streams that JW Player delivered, 58 percent were delivered via HTML5, compared to 42 percent for Flash. However, of the HTML5 streams, 65 percent were MP4 files delivered via progressive download, which means they used the video tag rather than the Media Source Extensions. HLS garnered a 15 percent share of files delivered via HTML5, compared to about 1 percent for DASH.

MediaCom Gauges The Emotional Impact Of Video Ads

Realeyes runs two forms of measurement: “live testing” campaigns are priced per view and prompt users who have opted in to “share” how they feel (e.g., happy, sad, excited) after clicking on a video in real time. In “sample testing,” advertisers can select sample audiences to run pre-launch tests and are priced per sample. It offers emotion-based measurement APIs via key video players on YouTube, Brightcove and JW Player.

The 20 Largest Startup Funding Rounds of 2015

JW Player, the advanced media player, has raised $20M in a Series D round led by Greycroft Partners and support from, Cue Ball and Greenspring Associates. CEO Dave Otten has raised $45.6M over 4 rounds to date.

JW Player Raises $20M in Series D Funding

"With millions of customers, JW Player is among the most recognized names in digital video," said Ian Sigalow, Partner and co-founder at Greycroft. "The company has consistently demonstrated an ability to stay a step ahead of the market, a difficult feat in such a rapidly-changing marketplace. We see an enormous opportunity ahead of us in both our core SaaS business as well as in future media offerings, and are very excited to deepen our partnership with the company through this investment."