What’s The Potential For Programmatic Video?

Dave Otten, CEO and Founder, JW Player, expects programmatic to emerge as a key factor in over-the-top TV (OTT) environments, as well as desktop and mobile. “Programmatic will follow the eyeballs to OTT. There should be a lot of cross-platform targeting.”

Life After Flash: Will Producers Move to HLS, DASH, or Both?

JW Player’s John Luther, who spoke at Streaming Media West, shared some statistics about Flash, HLS, and DASH usage among the more than 2 million websites and 17 billion videos played per month using the player. Specifically, he reported that of the streams that JW Player delivered, 58 percent were delivered via HTML5, compared to 42 percent for Flash.

JW Player Intros Video Recommendation System to Drive Engagement

Video player and platform company JW Player introduced a recommendation system today that creates personalized and updated suggestions for each viewer. Built entirely in-house, the system can create playlists based on trending videos (using real-time viewer activity to show what's hot at that moment), similar videos (recommending videos based on the viewer's behavior as well as content within the video), and search (where the playlist is based on keywords or an in-video search).

JW Player adds virtual reality to its app creation suite

Online video platform provider JW Player is adding virtual reality and 360-degree video capability to its streaming service offerings for publishers, jumping feet-first into the VR segment with a product that includes SDKs to enable streaming over native apps, in addition to an HTML5 plugin for browser-based streaming.

JW Player adds VR/360° Video to Online Video Platform

“JW Player has been a terrific partner in our early successes,” said McClatchy's director of video product and operations, Meghan Sims. "JW Player 360° video technology is an important piece in the evolution of video storytelling here at McClatchy. And it's going to be a big part of some exciting things we have planned next year."

JW Player Now Supports Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Video

Popular video platform JW Player now supports virtual reality and 360-degree video. With over 2 million publishers using its platform, the new capabilities could help further fuel VR and 360-degree video which have become key priorities for large companies including Google, YouTube, Samsung, Facebook and others.

Roku’s new tools lets anyone launch a video channel without writing code

Roku today is rolling out new tools that will make it simpler for anyone to bring their video content to its media player lineup, without having to write any code. With an update to the Roku Direct Publisher Platform, video creators can instead walk through a few steps, including providing a video feed, then have their new channel go live on Roku.

Apple and Google Browser Tweaks Could Boost Mobile Video

“This could be a big deal for web video. I think when people start adjusting their video players and websites there will be a significant uptick for publishers in terms of video plays,” said Jeroen Wijering, head of product at online video technology provider JW Player.