JW Player adds Chromecast support to its video player

Expect Chromecast support to come to websites from major media companies any day now: JW Player, whose HTML5 and Flash video player is being used by more than two million sites on the web, is slated to announce Thursday that it is adding Chromecast support to its platform. Casting will initially just be available to a few big publishers as part of a limited beta test, but the company wants to eventually make the feature more widely available.

JW Player to Support Chromecast, Opening Living Room for Thousands of Content Providers

The march of content providers into the living room is getting yet another boost as JW Player, whose video solution is used by thousands of content providers, will support Chromecast. JW Player’s CEO Dave Otten and creator Jeroen Wijering told me yesterday that the beta is underway with 5 different content providers implementing JW Player with Chromecast support, which will go live over the next several weeks.

LongTail Video Changes Its Name to JW Player

LongTail Video, the leading provider of video solutions for web publishers, today announced that it will change its name and rebrand to JW Player. With this name change, the company will align itself with its flagship product, the popular JW Player, which delivers video to over two million sites ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to small businesses.

LongTail Video Announces Expanded Advertising Support For Mobile

LongTail Video today announced expanded advertising support for mobile within the popular JW Player. With today’s announcement, the JW Player enables the delivery of VAST-compliant, pre-roll advertising into smartphone and tablet devices, giving publishers increased opportunities to monetize their fast-growing mobile audiences.

Getting Away From Lousy, Small Content: LongTail Video

Continuing on my journey of exploration outside China (a brief detour), I recently met with Dave Otten, the CEO of a New York-based startup with the intriguing name of LongTail Video. We met in a trendy café on W. 18th Street in the Flatiron district of Manhattan. Over coffee, Dave described what LongTail Video does and how it has ramped up since 2007 into a profitable, 30-person shop that was recently lead financed with $5 million from Greycroft Partners.