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RiffTrax, Snagfilms make leap to TV screen–at least for Chromecast users

JW Player has integrated Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chromecast support into its platform, making it possible for viewers to watch content from sites such as Rifftrax and Snagfilms on their TV sets through the device’s cast feature. Other online-video sites that use JW Player as their streaming platform, such as Baeblemusic and GamerSyde, have made the leap to supporting Chromecast as well or could add support soon, according to Gigaom. That’s because JW Player is used by a number of major content providers.

SnagFilms adds Chromecast support to its site, many others could follow soon

Users of the ad-supported movie streaming site SnagFilms can now cast videos to their TVs, thanks to their use of the popular JW Player video player … a popular HTML5 video player that added Chromecast support in July. JW Player is used by the UFC, Kickstarter, the Washington Post and Popsugar, among others. Altogether, JW Player helps provide more than 7 billion streams to more than 750 million unique viewers every month.

Top 3 Tips to Create More Engaging Video Content

What can brands new to the video space take away from the interest in clips like those from Weird Al? The massive scale that the “Tacky” video accomplished shows that independent video content publishing, particularly the “viral video” phenomenon, without YouTube is possible, and enables publishers to take more ownership over their users’ experience. Using a third-party video technology like JW Player allows brands moving into the content space to create a seamless user experience that is customized and consistent with the brand, not the video technology provider (unlike the case with YouTube, where videos and user experience are branded and controlled by YouTube).

JW Player Scales Weird Al Yankovic’s “Tacky” Nerdist Video to the Top of the Charts

JW Player, a leader in online and mobile video, today announced that its advanced online video platform powered Weird Al Yankovic’s “Tacky” video on Nerdist. JW Player was used for the launch of the first video in the series of Weird Al Yankovic’s eight videos, with exclusive video content created by Nerdist published only at Nerdist for the video’s premiere. As a result, in its first week the “Tacky” video had far more video views on JW Player than on YouTube.

JW Player Gets into Chromecast, Puts Second Screen Strategy in Play

New York-based JW Player on Tuesday said its Web video player had come to Google Chromecast, with plans to stream content on more connected devices. Never heard of the JW Player? CEO and co-founder Dave Otten says that it is possible you have already used it: “If you watch video off of YouTube, there’s a decent chance you’re watching it on a JW Player whether you knew it or not.”

JW Player updated to version 6.9, brings Chromecast support to millions of sites

In April of this year, it was announced that JW Player would soon be adding support for the Chromecast, and today the feature finally went live for everyone. For those unfamiliar, the JW Player platform powers a variety of popular websites including ESPN and millions of others. With today’s release of JW Player 6.9, it just got a whole lot easier to view web video on your TV.

JW Player Adds Chromecast Support to its video player

Video tech provider JW Player has released the latest version of its flagship product, which now supports streaming on Google’s Chromecast device. Labeled JW Player 6.9, the company’s video player will now allow viewers to “cast” the content to a Chromecast-connected TV set, and then use their computer as a remote control. The content will also be monetizable, says JW Player, as its Chromecast offering is also fully integrated with VAST-compliant video advertising.

JW Player Releases Version 6.9, Adds Chromecast Support

JW Player released JW Player 6.9 today, and the big addition this time is Google Chromecast support. Viewers can use this latest version to cast videos from mobile devices to Chromecast-connected televisions. JW Player also includes VAST video advertising support, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the branded video screen. The company describes this as a win for its millions of customers, who can now bring their content and ads to the living room TV.

Embedded Web Video Player JW Video Updated To v6.9 With Chromecast Support

You’ve probably seen the name “JW Player” around the internets, but you may not be aware it’s one of the largest providers of embedded streaming video. Yeah, it’s no YouTube, but the Flash and HTML5-based JW Player powers sites like Kickstarter, ESPN, and a few million more. It’s going to be a lot easier to watch those videos on your TV now that JW Player v6.9 has been released with the promised Chromecast integration (and some other things).