JW Player reports rapid online video growth

JW Player is an increasingly popular online video player. “With 80 per cent of end users coming from outside the United States, our data represents a truly global audience, and we’re proud to showcase the growth of our network and share these insights on the online video industry as a whole, ” said Dave Otten, CEO of JW Player.

Europeans highest video watchers

According to findings from online and mobile video platform and player technology specialist JW Player, one in seven people on the planet and one in three people in the US and Europe watch online video content delivered by it each month.

Net Neutrality Is Essential To Growing Your Business and Brand

JW Player’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Hoffert, discusses why net neutrality is an essential element to growing a business and its brand, particularly as it applies to the online video world. He explains why video publishers of all sizes should be able to have their video traffic carried at the same performance levels as larger and more well-known publishers.

Big Video Data: The Value of Going Viral

JW Player’s Chief Technology Officer, Eric Hoffert, explains why the data behind viral videos brings publishers tremendous opportunities to monetize and increase brand recognition. Eric also offers tips to choosing the right platform for publishers looking to achieve massive scale in a short amount of time.

Womensforum Serving Up Content Based On Device, Behavior Patterns

The Website Womensforum.com is now going wide with modifications to its CMS operation, working with JWPlayer, so that it will be able to suggest content based specifically on a woman’s viewing habits gleaned from past behavior at the site’s 2,000 platform affiliate sites. It will also modify the offerings based on whether the user is on a mobile device of tablet, and will even change choices based on the time of day.

Dish Network Could Drop CNN From Lineup For Good

As part of a strategic move to manage costs and adapt to changes in audience behavior, Dish Network is preparing to remove a number of channels, including CNN, from its offering. JW Player’s CEO, Dave Otten, weighed in on this growing trend, “It used to be that the TV was the only place where you could watch content, but that’s changing because of technology, and changing very quickly. This will put a lot of older cable channels at risk over time.”