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How VPP Gaming Network Used JW Player to Grow Ad Impressions and CPMs.

VPP Gaming Network prides itself in helping video game fan communities maximize advertising revenue. A previous video monetization solution caused a great deal of latency in playback. Faulty plug-ins led to ads or videos not running and an overall poor user experience. Complaints increased, and VPP had to customize ad integrations for each server. The company needed a fast and centralized video monetization solution that produced the greatest ad yield for its clients.

“The most important thing for us was a lightweight player that doesn’t lag.”

Toan Nguyen, CEO, VPP

By switching to JW Player, VPP noticeably improved user experience and simplified implementation. According to CEO Toan Nguyen, “the most important thing for us was a lightweight player that doesn’t lag,” an experience that JW Player delivered with a lightning-fast HTML5 player. “Getting rid of Flash helped a lot.”

In addition, a robust API system and JW Player’s cloud-hosted players ensured that any technical change VPP made was reflected in all its ad players through automatic updates. “All the integrations were so, so easy,” said Nguyen. “It was just Javascript. That was the easiest thing for us.”

  • 10%

    Increase in CPMs

  • 300%

    Ad Impressions

With each JW Player update, VPP has seen a significant uptick in ad impressions. In 2015 with JW6, it achieved about 3 million monthly impressions, while in 2016 with JW7, that number rose between 5 and 8 million. In 2017, total monthly impressions climbed to roughly 10 million with the latest JW8 release. With faster player speeds, CPMs grew 10% in 2017

“All the integrations in JW Player were so, so easy."

Toan Nguyen, CEO, VPP