case study

JW Recommendations Drove 300% Lift For Evite in Two Weeks

When Evite, a social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations, incurred unexpected and expensive overages with a traditional online video platform (OVP), they switched to JW Player, and soon after the transition they saw more online video traffic within one week than they had previously experienced in an average month with their old OVP.

On its home page for signed-in users Evite features original content in order to drive customer adoption. It also features branded content from advertisers to generate revenue. When Evite’s CEO, Victor Cho, led his team to make the switch from static content to video in order to drive increased engagement, Evite discovered that their existing online video platform solution did not meet their needs. For example, when an advertiser requested clickable overlays at the end of a video, their previous OVP not only did not support this functionality, but also failed to respond to Evite’s customer service requests to explain and address the issue. Furthermore, Cho was interested in finding ways to drive additional video views, and the other OVP’s “outdated technology” did not offer data-driven recommendations.

Superior Support

When Evite made the switch to JW Player from their old OVP, they saw the difference in technology and support right away. Evite’s Director of Content, Ben Dally, notes that they immediately noticed that JW Player’s support engineers almost always responded to their implementation questions “within 24 hours”.

Simple UI

The rest of the implementation was also streamlined by JW Player’s easy-to-use dashboard. Dally notes, “It is more user friendly for non-technical people. We didn’t need to involve our engineers with everything. For instance, we were able to turn on related video overlays with just the switch of a button. If we were still with [our old OVP], we would have had to add this feature to our sprint planning and it would have impacted our time to market.”

As Dally describes, turning on JW Player Recommended videos was a simple process. Evite has 70 categories for event invitations, and they added a tag to JW Platform to correspond with each category. These tags dynamically pull in highly relevant related video content to the video player on each invitation page. Dally describes the growing impact they see from these recommended videos: “With [our old OVP], we had one million or fewer video views a week, and just last week with JW Player we saw 15 million.”

• 2x - 3x video views in the first two weeks, a number that continues to increase

• Helping to take advantage of 2016 holiday season with faster time to market

• 2-3 incremental additional video views per session with related videos

• Faster support and account services response times.

Furthermore, with the rapid growth in viewers that Evite is experiencing, JW Player provides Evite with peace of mind that they will always be notified in advance about usage and will have an opportunity to scale up their plan to avoid costly overages. Dally adds, “We only have 100 employees, but we are constantly evolving our product and JW Player heard our issues and is there to grow together with us.”