Deliver the fastest startup time and highest quality viewing experience, everywhere.

JW Player offers broadcasters a fast-loading video player that delivers a consistent, accessible, and delightful user experience across web, mobile and OTT devices. Access the power of our comprehensive cloud platform in our intuitive dashboard — or, integrate it into your own CMS.

Deliver the Best Viewing Experience

Get the fastest startup and highest quality playback, for live or on-demand video, on every browser and device — that means no buffering, and happy viewers.

Deliver stunning video experiences on OTT

Extend your video reach with JW Player to deliver premium OTT experiences on HTML5, iOS/Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

JW Player OTT video apps with Paradise Island on many devices.

Engage and Grow Your Audience

Boost engagement and views with related video recommendations and “next up” previews in the player, create in-page widgets, and sharing and syndication tools.

Understand Your Audience with Real-time Insights

Monitor your video performance to make strategic decisions to optimize content and ad views. Plus you can integrate with third party services or set up advanced custom reports.

JW Player analytics track audience engagement and other useful metrics.

Create Fully Branded and Accessible User Experiences

Consistent and truly responsive across all devices, with premium options including FCC Captioning, seek previews, chapter markers, and logo overlays.

JW Platform dashboard, a video content management system.

Solutions for Broadcasters & SVOD Customers