HTML5 Video: Not Quite There Yet

Online video is an exciting field to work in.  As creator of the JW Player, I'm privileged to be at the forefront of the industry.  Every week, our team receives thousands of emails from web developers regarding various bug reports, product feature requests and general thoughts about the online video space. In these emails, we've seen a growing interest in HTML5, since its video implementation allows web developers to independently control video content.

So Have You Heard About Bits on the Run?

Bits on the Run is the newest addition to our family of products; an easy to use and affordable online video platform for streaming, hosting, and transcoding. The cool thing about Bits on the Run is that you can actually access all functionalities through our API, allowing you to build video transcoding, management and streaming capabilities in your own site or CMS.  

Already serving thousands of customers, Bits on the Run is fully compatible with the JW Player and provides Web Publishers with affordable and flexible video publishing tools. Some of the most exciting features (in our opinion) are: 

LongTail Video Merges with Bits on the Run

We are very pleased to announce that LongTail Video has merged with our long-time partner, Bits on the Run!  View the official press release here.

Since our founding, LongTail Video has focused on providing simple, easy-to-use solutions for publishers seeking to publish and monetize their video online.  With the help and support of our community, our products - which include the JW Player, the AdSolution, and AddOns - have gained tremendous traction in the market and are actively used on over a million web sites. 

Welcome to the LongTail Community

Welcome to the new Community Support section of our site.  Its purpose is to bring together the people and knowledge that surround the JW Player.  Here you'll find documentation & examples, receive news & tips about our products, and be able to interact with our support team, developers, and other members of the community.

We hope you like what you find here, and we encourage you to make suggestions for the future.