From Millennial to the Mainstream: Four Fast Facts about OTT, Connected TVs & the Cord-Cutting Revolution

OTT isn’t just for the kids anymore.


By the end of 2019, it will be almost impossible to buy a “dumb” television.

Video has moved from the TV to the computer to the phone and now coming full circle back to the television sets around the world.

We’ve compiled a few fast facts about the proliferation of connected TVs and OTT programming to show why leading media companies are turning back to the tube to help grow their audience and monetize their shows and content.

Three Keys for Video from CES 2019

8K TVs, Apple & Amazon making OTT moves, and making sense of the fractured landscape all led the way at the annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.


Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada welcomes leaders and innovators from across a bevy of industries. What started as a show for the latest gadgets has transformed into a show welcoming close to 200,000 people from across a diverse set of industries from transportation to television and healthcare to home building.

A Year of Progress: Looking Back at 2018

A look back at a year of video innovation and partnership with leading media companies and brands.


 As we begin 2019, we wanted to take a look back at some of the innovations that took place over 2018. Our product and engineering teams focused on three key themes to provide our clients with the tools to drive growth and loyalty.

Here’s What We’re Watching in 2019

Predictions from JW Player executives on the state of the digital video industry in 2019.



With 2018 coming to a close the media industry is changing faster than ever. With consolidation happening across the industry, new formats arriving, and video taking center stage for how audiences consume content we wanted to survey some JW executives for their “hot takes” on what 2019 had in store for the video industry. Here’s what they had to say.

JW Insights London 2018 Event Recap

The most important observations about the digital video industry from our second annual Insights London event.


Publishers, broadcasters, and brands across the globe are dealing with one of the most crowded and competitive global media environments in recent memory. With video projected to become 80% of internet traffic by 2020, all segments of media – from advertising to editorial to technology – need to come together as premium publishers struggle to succeed in this new normal.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a Video Host

Editor’s Note: This post has been contributed by our friends at LemonLight. The post below walks through how to pick the perfect video host to achieve your business goals. 


Choosing a video host is no small task. Whether you work at an enterprise company and are looking for a long-term video partner, or are an independent content creator looking for personalized care, finding the right solution is critical if you want your video to be successful.

Overheard at JW Insights London

This year’s Insights conference in London brought together some of the top minds in the video, advertising, creative, and technology industries.


On Thursday, November 15th, JW Player convened its second annual Insights London conference to host an afternoon of discussions centered around the topic of business growth through video intelligence.

JW Player November 2018 Product Release

Monthly update on the latest product improvements and offerings. 



Closing out 2018 we’re thrilled to announce four new product releases for this month that enable our clients to:

  • Get better ROI from their investment in video content
  • Diversify their revenue portfolio and improve a site’s advertising experience
  • Enrich their insight into an audience’s video consumption
  • Seamlessly publish videos to Facebook and YouTube