JW Player 5.9: HTML5 Now Default on Android


JW Player 7 has been released. If you’d like to read more about JW Player on iOS & Android devices, please go here.

If you’d like to read more about video player performance with adaptive streaming on mobile devices, check out our adaptive streaming features here. Also read this report to learn more about the state of HTML5 and how HTML5 is taking over online video.


As we continue to bring HTML5 support in the JW Player closer to parity with Flash mode, we've focused the 5.9 release on a variety of HTML5 stability and user experience updates:

HTML5 is now the default playback mode on Android Devices

In early November, Adobe announced it would stop developing its Flash Player for Android devices. As a result we've decided to focus our energies on optimizing HTML5 support on Android rather on a legacy platform.

Cleaner User Interface (Especially on iOS devices)

We've taken a number of steps to clean up the way the player looks and behaves, focusing on iOS. Although they're subtle, we think you'll appreciate them. Among the improvements are:

The preview image now fades in when player loads

Video is not displayed until it is sized correctly and ready to play

The buffering icon appears on the iPad while video is loading

Saved Volume in HTML5

One feature from Flash mode that you told us you wanted to see in HTML5 was the player's ability to keep track of the last volume level selected by the user. Now, if a user reloads a page, or goes to a different page on your site, the player will be set up with the same volume (or mute state) as the last time they set it. (Note: this won't work on iOS, since websites are not allowed to set the volume of those devices)

Download the JW Player 5.9

You can download the JW Player 5.9 for Flash and HTML5 here. As always, we would love to hear your feedback on the release. Just post your comments directly to this blog.

Check out our release notes for this version. For a complete list of the tickets addressed in JW Player 5.9, please visit our developer site.