Google IMA & MPEG-DASH in JW Player SDK for Android & iOS

The JW Player mobile team is excited to bring you the latest features for building a native iOS or Android video player in your apps and monetizing your content. Our newest releases have focused on adding features for advertising, including Google IMA, and adding streaming support for MPEG-DASH. Please read on for more details.
android mpeg-dash

Introducing JW Player 7

I would like to introduce JW Player 7 -- our fastest, smartest, and most customizable player yet. JW7 was reengineered from the core API to the visual interface to provide the best online video experience no matter what device, browser, and rendering mode is used to play your content. We have added MPEG-DASH support which will help transition away from Flash based streaming protocols. The player is also completely customizable now with CSS. Alongside JW7’s launch is also a brand new dashboard to make publishing and configuring JW Player even easier.

Empowering Our Publishers with a New Dashboard

The NEW JW Player Dashboard If you are not purely a JW Player API user, you are managing your JW Player experience using our publisher dashboard.  Our latest version of the dashboard has been completely redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, using a modern technology stack that allows us to create an excellent experience for our users.

Improving HLS on Android – JW Player SDK for Android 1.2 Released

Today we are releasing version 1.2 of the JW Player SDK for Android. This version focuses on improvements in performance, flexibility, stability, and adds the following features:
  • Faster HLS Video Startup. 5x faster adaptive HLS video startup with minimal buffering.
  • Improved HLS playback performance.
    • Second-precise seeking
    • Improved support for advanced HLS features, such as discontinuities
    • Takes the current CPU load into account when determining which HLS stream variant to play
    • Improved bandwidth detection heuristics for faster adaptivity and optimal resolutions
  • Show/hide player control bar.  Added an API method for showing and hiding the media player control bar.

How Much Faster? A Side-by-side Comparison

The following “HLS Startup Speed” video compares the native Android Media Player to our JW Player using the latest JW Player SDK for Android 1.2 version.

New Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) Support

ima  Today we updated our Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK integration to provide the SDK’s complete suite of functionality. This adds new features not previously supported, makes old mechanisms easier, removes inconsistencies, and ultimately aims to provide the best experience possible with Google’s ad monetization tools.

Platform Updates! Content Sunrise, Cloud-hosted Libraries and More

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.54.49 PM   Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work updating JW Platform to improve flexibility and control for publishers. We’ve released cloud-hosted libraries, ad tag waterfalling, additional player configurations, .json feeds for your content, and straightforward, powerful scheduling capability with content sunrise for JW Platform users.

Announcing JW Player SDK for iOS

Today we are releasing the first version of our JW Player SDK for iOS. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build the JW Player video playback and advertising features they love directly into native iOS apps.

This announcement follows closely on the release of our JW Player…