Is Your Live Social Video Strategy Working?

html5-video-playerWith the growth of online video, connected mobile devices, and Internet for everyone, live content streaming is on the rise. Whether it’s an official cast of an event or concert, or “citizen journalism” efforts that deliver video feeds of what’s happening in the world, live-streaming has become embedded in today’s modern online and social experience. Businesses understandably want to tap into this phenomenon—but making the most of the vast landscape of opportunities means looking beyond consumer-focused platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope/Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat.

JW Live Simplifies Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming a critical part of the video strategy for many content creators and publishers, especially given the popularity of Facebook Live. However, because of the complexity of typical live streaming workflows and the feature limitations of existing platforms, it has been difficult to deploy live streaming and to reach its full potential. JW Live, our recently-launched  end-to-end platform for live streaming, solves these problems and enables anyone you to quickly setup a live broadcast and monetize it across devices.   screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-11-33-22-am

JW Live’s simple setup process

360 Video & Virtual Reality (VR) in JW Player Part 2 : Getting Started

In Part 1 of our 360 Video / VR blog series, we presented an overview of the current state of 360 Video / VR technology and the industry.  We also announced support for 360 Video and VR in our HTML5 player and native mobile SDKs. In this post, I’d like to add more detail around our new JW Player VR and 360 Video playback features with our HTML5 VR Plugin and native VR SDKs, which provide a smoother more performant experience for your iOS and Android apps. In addition to the ability to watch spherical 360 Video on desktop/mobile browsers and your native Android and iOS apps, with JW Player these platforms will also support immersive live-action VR experiences with popular headsets such as Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and the upcoming Google Daydream View. I’ll also discuss why JW Player is committed to supporting 360 Video, where our solution works best for publishers, and what’s coming in the future.

360 Video & Virtual Reality (VR) in JW Player Part 1 : State of the Industry

JW Player is proud to announce support for 360 Video playback and VR in our HTML5 player and native mobile SDKs, providing a smoother more performant experience for your iOS and Android apps. In Part 1 of our blog series, we will present our perspective on the current state of 360 Video & VR technology and its emerging standards.  In Part 2 next week, we will explain how you can publish 360 videos and VR experiences on your own websites and apps using JW Player tools. You can also visit our JW Player 360 Video / VR demo page to try it out right now! jw-player-360

JW Recommendations – Powerful Content Discovery

It’s been a year since JW Recommendations launched and since then the product has been delivering millions of extra plays a day to publishers. This week’s release of Video Search Playlists and an enhanced web interface greatly improves our flexible & powerful content discovery solution.

Big Gains in 2016

Recommendations are a crucial part of many video publishers’ offerings and that has put a premium on simple and integrated solutions that can be delivered cost effectively at scale. JW Recommendations integrates deeply with each part of JW Player to provide a powerful, real-time and automated content discovery solution built on our vast network of viewer and content data streams.   recs-pic-1  

Live Streaming Just Got Easier

Has setting up a live stream ever given you a headache?

It used to be the case that setting up a live stream involved many steps and a lot of technical expertise. JW Player wanted to make the process much easier, so we created JW Live.

Here's how JW Live is different

Download as a PDF

Now, JW Customers Can Create a Roku Channel in a Few Simple Steps

rolling-stone-on-roku1 JW Player thrives on providing publishers with easy-to-use tools for distributing and monetizing their video content across platforms. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Roku to help video creators set up a dedicated Roku channel to extend their reach to viewers on the popular OTT platform.

Explaining Video Accessibility For The Web

JW Player has included support for captions with its online video player for years by using internal player components to handle both the rendering and parsing processes. As support for HTML5 video expanded and captions support was added natively to browsers, captions could now be rendered by the browser itself. This is great in theory but in actual implementation not every browser handles HTML5 captions the same way.

Introducing our newest JW Player Analytics dashboard feature: “Segmentation”!

segmentation JW Player’s Analytics dashboard is focused on helping online video publishers track key, top-level video metrics in real-time.  Our goal is to empower users to make quick decisions to drive audience growth and viewer engagement. In order to empower our publishers, we needed a way to give them more control over analysis.  Instead of only pre-defined dashboard widgets, users can define their own queries against historical data and see instant results.  Our easy-to-use interface gives non-technical users the answer to key questions about their audience and content.

JW Player’s DRM Support in HTML5 & Mobile

Update: JW Player is dedicated to protecting your content with DRM support. JW Player 7.5+ provides support for Apple FairPlay, Clearkey, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady DRM. We also support Apple Fairplay through our iOS SDK and Google Widevine through our Android SDK. Use this Stream Tester on the developer site to test DRM functionality with JW Player in HTML5 or Flash mode. To learn more about DRM configuration & setup, check out this article on our support site.   Screen-Shot-2016-07-20-at-11.27.07-AM-1024x577 This week’s release of JW Player 7.5 adds support for FairPlay Streaming (FPS) DRM to our HTML5 player. This functionality enables users to play content that is encrypted with FairPlay DRM in Safari for Mac OS X.