JW Live makes it easy to live stream. Now it’s even easier than before because JW Live is currently available to all Enterprise customers at no additional charge. We have simplified the pricing enabling publishers to experiment with live-streaming without headaches of complex, multi-tiered billing. You only pay for the bytes you stream and you’re billed at the same VOD rate.  We believe that removing the cost of JW Live is the right move for our customers and is in line with JW Player’s friendly approach towards helping customers with their video needs; simple to understand and easy to use. Going live is much more accessible!

How to Livestream on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at the Same Time

  Livestreaming continues to gain traction as Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube ramp up their real-time video capabilities. While publishers have had success on each of these platforms, they've limited their reach by only broadcasting on one channel at a time. As a result, they have yet to harness the full potential of livestreaming. Live video helps brands forge genuine, unfiltered, and real-time connections with consumers. As eMarketer found, 80 percent of retail executives say livestreaming helps them create more authentic interactions with their audience, and 60 percent say it helps bring a human element to digital marketing. Facebook also found that live videos are watched three times longer than regular videos on the social network—further proving the effectiveness of the format. Various simulcast tools allow businesses to use one simple dashboard to distribute, manage, and monetize content on a full range of social sites, company websites, and mobile devices, leveraging the power of several audience touchpoints at once. But then a new question arises: How can you engage each of these unique audiences through one live video, ensuring that you take full advantage of this opportunity? Here are four helpful tips for livestreaming across platforms at the same time.