Introducing JW Player’s New Analytics Overview!

We recently overhauled our Analytics Overview page with a modern design refresh and leveraging our brand new Reporting API. At JW Player we serve a variety of users, from content editors and developers to ad operations managers. We set out to build a clean and intuitive interface that provides at-a-glance value to everybody--even those who don’t normally geek out over data!  

Mobile UI in 2017 – Big Things On Small Screens

Did you know that by some metrics, mobile video plays are becoming more prevalent than desktop? On top of that, some sites have 80% or more of their viewers coming from mobile devices. And while that shouldn’t come as a shock given the huge sales numbers for every new phone and tablet that comes out, the video industry can sometimes be a bit slow to handle mobile web (UI especially) with the care and attention it deserves. As you saw in our Mobile Autoplay blogpost, JW Player is pushing hard to ensure viewer experience on mobile devices (as well as small desktop players) is just as enjoyable as a large desktop player.

Catch JW Player This Thursday at The Product Group Meetup

Those of you in the NYC area will have a chance to hear JW Product Manager Henry Lee present at the upcoming “The Product Group” Meetup this Thursday. He will explore the JW Player product and lead a discussion about many of the lessons learned and opportunities facing the company…

Meet Nicole, Product Designer at JW Player

At JW Player, our Design team is a cross-functional team comprised of Product Designers and UX Engineers focused on user experience, design, and research for all products and company websites. We work collaboratively with other teams to execute on the best experiences for our customers. As we look ahead to…

Make JW Player Your Website’s Hero

A few pages on our website use full-motion backgrounds to catch the eye of our visitors. Our recently redesigned homepage as well as our 404 page use JW Player to load a playlist and cycle through the videos in with smooth transitions in between. I'll share with you how we do it, and give some tips on best practices for using video for your website's hero.

Announcing the JW Player Developer Portal

Screenshot of developer homepage If you’ve used our technical documentation over the last couple of months, you’ve probably noticed some changes - and we hope you like them. JW Player did a soft launch of in December 2015 with the goal of decreasing “time to Hello World” and making it easier for developers to find the resources they need. Now, with all of our technical documentation and demos migrated to the site, we are happy to officially launch the JW Player Developer Portal!

Building The Insights Video Experience

For this year's annual JW Insights Conference, we decided to try something new. Our live streaming and post-event experiences needed to be engaging, intuitive, and elegant. Here's how we built the live streaming experience and post-event player for JW Insights 2016.

JW Player 7.2 New Features

We’ve been hard at work on JW 7.2 for the past few months. We’ve crushed quite a few bugs and gotten a lot of your feedback via our beta testing program. (Check our release notes for full details!) Today, we’re happy to announce that 7.2 is publicly available for all. This blog post explores its new features and improvements.

Designing for JW7

designing-for-jw7   With the release of JW7, we had an exciting opportunity to leverage our new skinning model for a new skin design as well as to reassess the user experience of the player overall. Here I’ll recap the creative process that led to the new “seven” skin and what’s next for the design of the player in our upcoming releases.