JW8: Launched!

We’re thrilled to release the next generation of our video player, JW8.

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JW8 Supports VAST 4


As you may have heard, JW Player’s JW8 brings some big improvements to our player and launches tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18!

With our focus on pushing new standards and consistent deployment of new product features, JW Player is committed to maintaining its ability to offer publishers the most flexible monetization options possible. With VAST 4, we see many opportunities for moving the industry forward by adopting the new features (and deprecating the old).

For us VAST 4 presents an amazing opportunity to embrace new standards and leverage the new metadata and functionality the IAB spec provides. In this post we’ll address some of that new functionality and the issues that prompted the industry to come together to address them.  

The Playback

Top headlines and news across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player      

360 Video: Looking Back and Ahead

360 video has opened up a new world of immersive storytelling and branded content for publishers. A year ago, we debuted our take on 360 video and what it means for the online video industry. Let's take a look at the progress 360 video has made over the past 12 months, visit a few new use cases, and analyze 360's current place in the market today and into the future.

Why Upgrade to JW8?

Stay ahead of browser updates with our newest video player, JW8


Browser updates occur once a month. If you’re using an outdated video player, your audience may run into errors the next time you try to launch content on browsers like Chrome and Safari. What this can mean for you is lost impressions, and as you head into the final financial quarter of the year, why put your advertising revenue at risk?

The Playback

Top headlines and news from across the digital video industry, curated each week by JW Player 1) Rise of Live Streaming: Trends & Marketing Tips (KoeppelDirect) “The rise of live streaming has created yet another way to engage customers in a truly genuine way, which is the heart of the matter when it comes to social media marketing.”

2) Google Chrome VR: Users Can Now Browse The Entire Internet in Virtual Reality (Independent.co.uk) “Users can give this a try today by navigating to any site in Chrome and then simply putting the ph one into their Daydream View headset.”

Transparency is just a .txt file away

Programmatic advertising changed the landscape of online advertising, making it easier and faster to buy and sell media online by automating the whole process. But by delegating the transactions to robotsrather than arranging direct dealsa layer of obfuscation arose.    

In the past few years, a lack of transparency has led to increasing amounts of fraud.  

Where Is My Ad Running?

A conversation about trust and transparency in digital video advertising from New York Advertising Week

You’re a media buyer. You’re trying to place a video ad online. It goes into the rabbit hole of agencies, ad exchanges, servers, data aggregators, and a myriad of other agents before it makes it to the consumer. At the end of it all, you’re left wondering, Where did my ad actually run?

At New York Advertising Week’s panel “Programmatic Video in the Converged World,” September 28, 2017, industry experts from across the online video landscape—including JW Player COO Bill Day—explored how the latest trends in digital advertising impact trust and transparency in the ad ecosystem.


Creating “Thumb-Stopping Moments” in Video

Insights from JW Player’s “How to Become a Video First Business” Panel at New York Advertising Week

When the digital landscape is saturated with click-or-swipe videos, how do you create the “thumb-stopping moment” that keeps your audience tapped into your content?

JW Player CEO, Dave Otten, explored this question as moderator of the “How to Become a Video First Business” panel at New York Advertising Week on Thursday, September 28, 2017. By interviewing executives from Business Insider, LittleThings, and Index Exchange, he uncovered tips and takeaways on successfully transitioning from a traditional, “article-first” publisher to one that embraces video’s central role in content and marketing strategy.


JW Player 8: Let’s Talk About Industry-Leading Support

  Longtime users know that JW Player is synonymous with video and advertising innovation. Some key achievements include JW Player being the first:
  • Embeddable web player
  • VAST web player
  • HTML5 web player
  • Web player to support HLS and MPEG-DASH
  • Only video solution to be Google Certified
JW Player 8 continues to honor that legacy of innovation with early support for VAST4 and Facebook WebView. The final part of our three-part blog series focuses on JW8’s INDUSTRY-LEADING SUPPORT.