JW Player Mobile SDKs Now Featuring AVPlayer and ID3 Timed Metadata

The JW Mobile team is excited to bring you our latest update to the JW Player Mobile SDKs. Version 2.1 of the JW Player SDK for iOS now uses Apple’s AVPlayer as its native media playback engine. Not only does this give iOS developers some valuable features right out of the gate, but this will speed up the JW Mobile team’s delivery of future HLS updates & iOS features.

Both our iOS and Android SDKs now support ID3 timed metadata, a frequently requested feature that will provide developers more power and flexibility to build functionality on top of HLS live streams.

Read on for more details!

Account Properties and User Management


The JW Player Dashboard team has just released a set of advanced Account settings that now allow agencies or enterprises with multiple divisions to segment their content, players, and analytics into multiple “Properties” in the dashboard.  By adding Properties to an account, you can now consolidate billing, while slicing reporting of analytics for different publications, applications, or websites.  Conveniently, Usage data (including plays, ad impressions, and storage volumes) is viewable on the per-property basis and can be rolled up for the entire account.  Important account settings such as DNS masking and content protection are settable on the Property level and certainly may be different across Properties.  Your platform API keys are also unique to each Property, and can be found on the property detail page in the dashboard.  

But what would the addition of multiple Properties be without advanced user management? Now, Admin users can delegate access to Manager users for one or more Properties.  No more need for shared logins!  In addition to managing Properties and Users, Admins can view Usage and Billing data, while Managers are limited to editing content and players, and viewing analytics.