Introducing JW Player 6.9

Keyboard Controls, HD 1080p Encrypted HLS, and Casting

Last week we finished pushing out the latest version of JW Player to all of our platforms. The JW Player 6.9 release adds major updates in three areas of the player; keyboard accessibility, HLS streaming, and the ability to play content on Google Chromecast connected devices.

Keyboard Controls

Meet JW Player at ReelSummit Next Week!

JW Player is getting “reel” next week at ReelSummit 2014 (yes, we’re pretty punny over here). The 2014 Reel Summit is a two-day conference for marketers and content creators who are serious about the evolution of digital video marketing. If your career or livelihood is directly affected by the success or failure of digital video initiatives, then join JW Player and hundreds of other inspiring brands, marketers, and industry thought-leaders as we converge in San Francisco from July 24th to 25th!

Don’t forget to use JW Player’s discount code “JWPLAYER” to receive a whopping 35% off of ReelSummit tickets! Get your tickets now or keep reading to find out where and when you can meet Jeroen Wijering, founder and Chief Architect of JW Player!

Our Contributions

JW Player is Moving to GitHub


Those of you who've followed along with our open-source repository have probably noticed an unusual quiet spell on our check-ins the past couple of months. Rest assured, we haven't been idle! Instead, we've been busy moving our code from Subversion over to a new repository in GitHub. We did this for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that the rest of our organization has been using Git for quite some time. I'll lay out a few benefits we'll all see from this new setup.

Community Collaboration

Premium HTML5 Video Coming to a Browser Near You

With the recent announcements from Apple/Netflix and Mozilla, all modern desktop browsers will soon support the proposed HTML Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) standard. EME provides a standardized approach for playing encrypted content in HTML5. One application of encrypted video is the enforcement of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on paid video content. Many content owners (film studios, sports leagues, etc.) mandate using DRM to distribute their content online.


What does all of this alphabet soup mean for users? In short, the EME standard enables publishers to deliver premium video to browsers without the need for plugins. To date, doing DRM in the browser requires the Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight or Google Widevine plugins. These plugins use non-interoperable file formats, protocols and DRM key systems, creating fragmentation. EME solves (most of) these issues, enabling premium video in HTML5 using a single file format and streaming protocol.

Introducing JW Labs: Our Hub For Video Innovation

JW Player pioneered internet video as the world’s first open source video player. Today, we’re innovating for the future with technical and business thought leadership. We are excited to announce the launch of JW Labs, which will house JW Player’s technical ideas, original research, and future roadmap. Take a tour of JW Labs and become a part of the JW community!


JW Labs Content

JW Insights Conference Highlights and Video On Demand

Thanks to everyone who attended the JW Insights conference in New York City at the end of May - we’re thrilled that thousands of our customers attended both live and virtually! JW Insights was the first event we’ve ever hosted, bringing JW Player customers together with thought leaders and influencers in online video technology. If you missed it, don’t worry - we recorded all the keynotes for you to watch as video on demand. The breakout session recordings will be available on our support page in the near future. Keep reading for a fun wrap up of the event!


At JW Insights, we announced exciting JW Player news:

Online Video Pioneers Join JW Player Team

The JW Player team has just added two online video technology innovators to its roster! Eric Hoffert, co-founder of QuickTime, is now our Chief Technology Officer and John Luther, Google Chrome Media product manager, is now our Vice President of Devices. The combined brainpower and experience of these two gentlemen will take JW Player to the next level in video technology innovation - keep reading for more about Eric and John!



JW Insights Conference 2014 for Online Video Innovation & Thought Leadership

On May 30th 2014, we will bring JW Player customers together with thought leaders and influencers in online and mobile video technology at our first ever conference! You can join thousands of JW Player users around the world at our JW Insights 2014 conference - come in person to our New York City event in the heart of Manhattan or view the livestreamed conference from anywhere in the world.

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Free Webinar: The State of HTML 5 Video

On Wednesday 16 April at 2pm EST, we hosted a free webinar on the State of HTML5 Video. Jeroen Wijering was joined by Sam Dutton of Google Chrome and Mark Robertson of ReelSEO to provide insights, present demos and answer your questions on HTML5 video.

Webinar Contents

As both online video and mobile video consumption grow exponentially, HTML5 is the standard for delivering high quality, cross-platform experiences. Join JW Player, Google and ReelSEO in this webinar to learn what is possible with HTML5 today, and what will become available in the near future! Topics include: