Premium Video Coverage at Scale

JW Player is trusted by the world's top publishers to stream, play, engage and monetize video on their sites. Powering over 10B monthly plays across over 12,000 publishing sites our video player is the number one source of all views on the open web.

Every one of these videos is analyzed and classified on dozens of data points only available to the player. The result is a level of ad targeting for video that is not available with previous page-level based solutions at a scale that no-one else can match.

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Targeting to Videos, Not Pages

Aligning your message to the content through contextual targeting can be a powerful tool to reach audiences when they are most receptive. However, video targeting has been limited to page level data from the text on URL. Through our unique position as the video player for the majority of premium publishers we’re able to look at the video itself to provide accurate contextual targeting at scale.

Contextual Campaigns

Contextual Campaigns

No more impressions misaligned to videos whose content is irrelevant as well as increased scale for delivering contextual campaigns against the keywords that matter to you.


The Solution for Brand Safety

All brand safety tools for video to date have been based on scanning the text on the page with no review of the video content itself. While this level of protection may be sufficient to ensure the quality of the site it leaves advertisers open to running alongside video content on a site they do not wish their brand to be associated with.

JW Player scans

Only JW Player scans the video itself, rather than the page, to ensure the content your ad is running on is brand safe.

Brand safety

Viewability Built for Video

Traditionally video viewability has been predicted based on past page performance. This has lead to significant wasted spend on video impressions that were not in-view, as well as lost opportunities to bid against in-view impressions not identified.  By using JW Player's viewability targeting, advertisers can achieve both greater precision and greater scale.

Real time signals

Only JW Player can look at real-time signals from the player to accurately predict video viewability.

Contextual signals

Analyzing player location, viewer engagement and other contextual signals on every single ad request.