360° Video & VR

JW Player provides easy-to-use tools for publishers to stream 360° videos across devices, giving their viewers new ways to experience entertaining, informative and educational content.

Embed With a Single Line of Code

Use a single line of code to publish 360° videos to your site. Or if you already have a JW Player embedded, just add your 360° Video to a new or existing playlist with no additional code required.

Encode & Host 360° Videos

JW Platform will host and deliver your 360° video library, just like your traditional videos. After uploading, we transcode the 360° video file to HLS with up to 1080p resolution and deliver high quality playback with adaptive bitrate streaming.

Create a Playlist of 360° & Traditional Videos

The JW Player for HTML5 will play 360° Video or traditional video and display the appropriate player UI, no plugin required. Create playlists with a mix of 360° and traditional videos and JW Player will dynamically switch.


It’s easy to get started with 360° Video. The feature is included with the JW Player, so you don’t have to download anything separately.



Using our documentation and guides, developers can add 360° Video to your website in under 20 minutes.


Key Features
Up to 4K Resolution
HLS Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Live Streaming Playback
Gyroscope motion support
Monoscopic support
"Magic window" viewing
Customizable UI
Latest Chrome, Firefox & Edge desktop browsers
Compatible with Cardboard, and Daydream VR headsets

Which JW Player Edition will best support your video goals?