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JW Player 5 Quick Reference

Still using JW Player 5? Here are some quick links to help you find what you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upgrade to JW Player 6?

You can upgrade to JW Player 6 by contacting us here. Please include your JW5 License number, and then we will offer you a *discounted* upgrade to JW Player 6!

Where did the AddOns Library Go?

The AddOns Library is no longer publicly available for browsing, as we have removed it from our JW Player Product line. However, the custom integrations you are using with your JW5 Player have not changed. Plugins will still load in your JW5 Player, as they always have. If you have specific questions on your JW Player embed code, please visit our support forums.

Can I still access my JW5 Licensed Player & Skin Zips?

Yes, if you decide not to upgrade your player to the latest & greatest JW Player 6, we can send you the appropriate licensed zips for your player & skins.

How long will JW Player 5 be supported for?

JW Player 5 will be officially supported for 18 months after the launch of JW Player 6. JW Player 6 was launched in November 2012.