Created by Jeroen Wijering

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HTTP Live Streaming

This test checks if browsers/devices support HLS or fallback correctly.

Browser canPlayType Basic HLS Adaptive HLS AES Encryption
Firefox 25 - - - -
Chrome 30 - - - -
Safari 6 maybe yes yes yes
Internet Explorer 11 - - - -
iOS 6 (iPad) maybe yes yes yes
iOS 7 (iPad) maybe yes yes yes
Android 4.0 (Browser) maybe yes 1, 2, 3 - yes
Android 4.2 (Chrome) - yes 1, 3 yes yes
Android 4.2 (Browser) maybe yes 1 yes yes
Android 4.4 (Chrome) - yes yes yes

1 The first time the stream starts, only audio plays. After another play/pause, video shows too.
2 Video is blown up to screen size, irregardless of aspect ratio
3 Seeking does not work in windowed mode (but works in fullscreen)

See the Pantos draft for more info on HLS and its mimetype, application/x-mpegurl.

Test Tag

The canPlayType() value for HLS streams (application/x-mpegurl) in your browser is:

Our test loads this HLS stream, which is specifically authored to be Android compatible: H264 Baseline, HLS v3 and an additional line break after the last tag.

Adaptive stream

Here is a second test tag that contains an adaptive HLS stream with 3 qualities (180p, 360p, 720p):

Encrypted stream

Here is a third test tag that contains an encrypted HLS stream without additional playlist line breaks: