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Fullscreen Support

This table lists fullscreen support in browsers. This is not officially part of HTML5 yet, but still in draft state.

The legacy webkitSupportsFullscreen() API doesn’t enable a true fullscreen experience, but does allow switching a video element to fullscreen.

Browser Controlbar Webkit API W3C API
Firefox 25 present - supported
Chrome 30 present supported supported
Safari 6 present supported supported
Internet Explorer 10 - - -
Internet Explorer 11 present - supported
iOS 6 (iPad) present available -
iOS 7 (iPad) present available -
Android 4.0 (Browser) present available -
Android 4.2 (Chrome) present available supported
Android 4.2 (Browser) present available -
Android 4.4 (Chrome) present available supported

See this blog post for details on fullscreen support.

Fullscreen Test

This video can be set fullscreen through either a controlbar botton or through an API call. Fullscreen script that checks for vendor prefixes is taken from this blog post.


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