Adaptive Live Video Streaming

The leader in HLS (HTTP live streaming) on iOS & Flash

When it comes to streaming, JW Player puts you ahead of the game; live video streaming or on-demand, HLS (HTTP live streaming) or RTMP, iOS or Flash, we’ll have your video streaming everywhere.

HLS Streaming on iOS and Flash

Gone are the days when you need separate video files for streaming on iOS and Flash. JW Player’s HLS streaming technology lets you stream any file on both iOS and Flash devices, including Android 4.x. Our HLS streaming is also adaptive: By automatically detecting a user’s connection speed, we select the video resolution and bit rate that provides the best possible viewing experience.

Live HLS and RTMP Streaming

You can deliver live as well as on-demand media to JW Player with the two leading streaming technologies, Adobe RTMP and Apple HLS. Both options allow you to play your video as you record it, automatically adjust video quality to available bandwidth, and seek to different parts of a video. The major differences between the two technologies are that Adobe RTMP works only in Flash and requires you to have a dedicated RTMP server installed, while Apple HLS works with both Flash and HTML5 and can be used with an ordinary web server. Whichever you choose, streaming is easy to configure with JW Player.

CDN Support

JW Player works with the live video streaming services offered by most content delivery networks (CDNs). For the most popular CDNs including Wowza, Amazon Cloudfront, and Akamai, we’ve made sure that you’ll have an especially smooth setup. With these special partnerships, if you need the global reach and security of a CDN, you won’t have to invest any extra development effort.

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